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Monèm Jemni

Kurze Vorstellung von Monèm Jemni, Referent bei den Freiburger Gerätturntagen

A well-established academic and one of the world leading authorities in sport Science. Following 22 years in the private and public higher education between, France, the USA, the UK and Qatar, professor Jemni sits on the Chair of the ISAFA. But before all, Monèm was an international gymnastics coach who contributed in the make-off Olympic medallist in Beijing 2008.

An exercise physiologist who gained world recognition as a result of cutting edge research applied to sports with an important part dedicated to artistic gymnastics. He lectured and received outstanding academic awards in several Universities. He published over 145 manuscripts including original research and a Bestseller textbook (Edition 1: The Science of Gymnastics – an introduction) and edition 2 (The Science of Gymnastics – Advanced Concepts) published by Routledge - Taylor & Francis Grp, London & New York (World 2nd biggest in sport related topics) and featuring Dr Flavio Bessi and Dr Marco Antonio Bortoleto from the University of Freiburg, amongst others.

As a scientist, he undertook several applied research projects to this sport and provided practical solutions to coaching paradigms. His double professional career (scientist and also coach) is up-most beneficial for the end-users, as he knows the “business” inside-out. Professor Jemni is indeed one of the experts within the International Gymnastics Federation’s Coaching Academy, mainly contributing to the level 3 courses.

His area of expertise is the optimization of human performance, that he is significantly applying to health and exercise conditions. His research projects are cross-disciplinary orientated and engage local government, exercise scientists, nutritionists, health and social care specialists and fitness industry.