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Human Movement Studies


The research group Human Movement Studies is responsible for research and teaching in biomechanics, motor control and exercise physiology. Our main fields of research are functional adaptation and mechanisms of sports- and health-related training, motor control and motor learning. Based on fundamental research regarding neuromuscular control and adaptation our applied research addresses for instance the development of new performance diagnosis methods, sports equipment and medical aids.




The research activities of our working group can be subdivided into three sub-areas: 




The areas of human movement studies / biomechanics and training science which focus on a natural science approach are the center of our teaching programs. In human movement studies / biomechanics we are particularly interested in human motion in sports. Beginning at the question how movement is produced and controlled we are closely observing movement in sports from a biomechanical perspective in order to explain successful performance in sports and the origins of injury. Furthermore, training science wants to answer the question how sports or health related training must be designed and developed in order to generate specific processes of adaptation in various target groups.  





Prof. Albert Gollhofer
Director, Professor (C4)


Office hours:
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Department for Sports und Sport Science
Schwarzwaldstr. 175
D-79117 Freiburg

Phone: +49 761-203 4510


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