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Neurophysiology and Movement


We are interested in how movements are controlled and learned by processes in the human brain. 




We develop and apply novel electrophysiological methods. With these methods we can assess and manipulate the activity of neural circuits and connections within sensorimotor areas of the brain and between sensorimotor areas and the spinal cord. The central question of our investigations concerns the functions of these circuits and connections in movement control. We particularly focus on their roles in performing fine motor skills, in sensorimotor decision-making and in motor learning. We study patients with impairments as well as highly trained athletes. Studying people with different movement abilities is advantageous, for obtaining a comprehensive understanding of basic neural functions and their adaptability.




    • Transcranial magnetic stimulation 
    • Peripheral nerve stimulation 
    • Electromyography 
    • Electroencephalography 
    • Motion analysis 




We teach in the different modules of the Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in Sport Science as well as in the interfaculty Master’s program Neuroscience (




Prof. Christian Leukel

Junior-Professor of Neuroscience in Sport

Department of Sport Science
Main Building, Room 305 (3rd floor)
Schwarzwaldstr. 175
79117 Freiburg

Phone: +49 761-203 4521
Fax: +49 761-203 4534


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