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Mihaela Petru

Short instruction by Mihaela Petru, speaker at the internaional Freiburger Gymnastics Congress 2019.
  • Art high school graduation with specialization coreography / ballet teacher
  • National Coaching School in Kunsturen / Bucharest
  • Studied sports science at the University "Lucian Blaga" specializing in urns and sports Management
  • Master studies with specialization training and performance in gymnastics
  • I worked in Romania for 10 years, as a full-time trainer and Coreographer (preparation and training of beginners and advanced gymnasts for national and international competitions).
  • 2010-2012 full-time trainer in the Kunstturn Region Karlsruhe (Coreographer and trainer for beginners, junior and junior female gymnasts)
  • 2014-today Full-time coach in Turn and Sport Club Grötzingen (trainer of beginners, junior, league and performance group).