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Exercise and Human Movement Science

The research group Exercise and Human Movement Science is responsible for research and teaching in exercise science/physiology, biomechanics and motor control. Our main research foci comprise the investigation of functional adaptations following different training regimes, motor control and motor learning. Our applied research approach focusses on the development and evaluation of new performance testing tools, sports equipment and medical aids.




The research activities of our research group can be subdivided into three sub-areas:




The scientific disciplines human movement science (including biomechanics) and exercise science/physiology are at the center of our teaching programs. In human movement science(biomechanics, we are particularly interested in human motion in sports and everyday activities. Beginning with the question of how movement is produced and controlled, we examine human movement in sports and everyday situations from a biomechanical perspective to disentangle successful sports performance and to identify injury risk factors. Moreover, exercise science aims to answer questions on how exercise programs need to be developed and designed in (youth) elite sports or in a health setting to induce physiological adaptations.  


Head of division:



Prof. Urs Granacher, PhD

Full Professor for Exercise and Human Movement Science 

Office hours: Upon request through email

Department of Sport and Sport Science

3rd floor Room 03 011
Sandfangweg 4
D-79102 Freiburg

Phone: +49 761 203 4510

Research focus:

  • Performance testing, exercise monitoring and exercise programming in youth and elite athletes
  • Design and evaluation of exercise programs to promote physical fitness, sport-specific performance and everyday activities
  • Effectiveness and physiological adaptations following strength and conditioning programs (e.g., resistance and balance training)
  • Motor control, mechanical loading, and biomechanical analyses of everyday and sport-specific situations




  • Undergraduate lecture exercise science
  • Undergraduate lecture human movement science
  • Undergraduate seminar on exercise science and physiology in elite sports and health settings
  • Graduate lecture exercise physiology 


Flavio Bessi Flavio Bessi Artistic Gymnastics | E-learning | Exercise and Human Movement Science 0761/203-4525
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Dominic Gehring Dominic Gehring Master studies coordination | Exercise and Human Movement Science 0761/203-4521
Jakob Ketterer Exercise and Human Movement Science 0761/203-4558
Christian Leukel Christian Leukel Neuroscience 0761/203-4521
Steffen Ringhof Steffen Ringhof Exercise and Human Movement Science 0761/203-4515
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