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The team

These people are your contact persons if you need help regarding our International Freiburg Gymnastics Congress.

Flavio Bessi

flavio-bessi.jpeg Tel. 0761/203-4525 | Email:


Our team can speak German, English, French and Spanish.

Student assistants

The following student assistants are available under the telephone number. 0761/2034540 or with the email address .


Celine Auer (Studentin) Celine Auer Logistics 0761/203-4540
Kora Bertsch (Studentin) Kora Bertsch Congress Office 0761/203-4540
Sandra Henne (Studentin) Sandra Henne Congress Office 0761/203-4540
Jeton Ibrahimi (Student) Jeton Ibrahimi Logistics 0761/203-4540
Anne Lehmann (Studentin) Anne Lehmann Speakers Care 0761/2034540
Moira Losch (Studentin) Moira Losch Miscellaneous 0761/203-4540
Laura Martin (Studentin) Laura Martin Logistics 0761/203-4540
Ramona Meyer (Studentin) Ramona Mayer Congress Office 0761/203-4540
Felix Nütten (Student) Felix Nütten Congress Office 0761/2034540
Anika Romer (Studentin) Annika Romer Miscellaneous 0761/203-4540
Eva Steißlinger (Studentin) Eva Steißlinger Congress Office 0761/203-4540
Melanie Wormuth (Studentin) Melanie Wormuth Marketing & Speakers Care 0761/203-4540



During the event, dozens of students look forward to assisting you. Talk to them if you need something!