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Welcome to the International Gymnastics Congress in Freiburg!

Welcoming speech by the Director of the Institute for Sport and Sports Science




Dear guests

The Institute for Sport and Sports Science is pleased to announce that it is once again organizing the International Gymnastics Days in Freiburg this year. We are very proud to welcome the numerous trainers and gymnasts to our facility for the 15th time.

We already welcomed participants from a total of 27 countries, which is an indication of the good reputation and awareness of the concentrated gymnastics competence of our former and current employees in Freiburg. With the initiators of this event, the former head of the apparatus testing laboratory of the International Gymnastics Federation Ludwig Schweizer and Dr. Flavio Bessi as the head of the apparatus gymnastics department, the IfSS has a highly motivated and competent team that ensures the international reputation the institute enjoys in the field of gymnastics.

The Institute for Sport and Sports Science will continue to make every effort to ensure that Freiburg maintains and further expands its good reputation in gymnastics on a national and international level.

I wish this year's participants many instructive hours and a lot of fun in the offered workshops and lectures, so they can return home with many new ideas. I wish the organizers and the speakers all the best, but I am sure that they will succeed.


Prof. Dr. Albert Gollhofer


Greeting from the Sports Director of the German Gymnastics Federation

Wolfgang Willam, Sportdirektor des DTB


Dear trainers, Ladies and Gentlemen,

in the name of the German Gymnastics Federation I would like to welcome you to the XIII. Freiburg International Gymnastics Congress. This event has been held since three

The Congress is now perceived internationally and is being attended by guests and scientists from all over the world.

We are very pleased that with the "Badischer Turner-Bund" and the University of Freiburg we found long-standing and reliable partners for the advanced training of trainers in the apparatus gymnastics.

With the achievement of a bronze and a gold medal at the Olympic 2016, the German Gymnastics Federation can look back on an extremely successful Olympia cycle. The upcoming Olympic Qualification for Tokyo 2020 and the preparations for 2024 are under the sign of the change. We hope for an even more successful future with the implementation of the reform of German elite sports. Despite all the changes and modifications, however, it remains the case that well-trained and committed coaches will continue to be an important prerequisite in the future in order to stay internationally competitive.

In this sense I wish you exciting and insightful lectures, to help you develop your athletes.


Wolfgang Willam


Greeting from the Vice President Education of the Badischer Turner-Bund

Thomas Stampfer, Vizepräsident Bildung des BTB


Dear gymnasts, dear guests,

In recent years, the Freiburg gymnastics days have become one of the most important events in the advanced training landscape of the Baden and the German Gymnastics Federation.

This is first and foremost due to the fact that those who are responsible at the university Freiburg in cooperation with the Badischer Turner-Bund have always understood how to offer highly interesting topics for the sport of apparatus gymnastics and to attract highly qualified, internationally recognised speakers to Freiburg. The awareness that successful gymnastics requires very well-trained, qualified trainers and instructors is the driving force for the organisers to carry out the highly appreciated gymnastics days in Freiburg on a high level.

My special thanks goes to the Institute for Sport and Sports Science at the University of Freiburg, with Prof. Dr. Gollhofer and Dr. Flavio Bessi at the top for the Overall management of this event. I should not forget all students, that will make a significant contribution to the success of this Congress.

I wish all participants interesting and instructive days in Freiburg. The Implementation of the contents of these International Freiburg Gymnastics Days in the daily training work in the clubs, support groups and bases, surely brings the apparatus gymnastics in Baden, but also in Germany a good way further forward. I wish you all good luck!


Thomas Stampfer